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Pneumonia qing

English name: Florfenicol Injection
Chinese pinyin: Fubennikao Zhusheye
[main ingredients] flubenini test
【 character 】 this product is colorless to the microyellow transparent liquid.
[pharmacological action] the pharmacodynamics fluphenicol is an amide antibiotic, a bacteriostatic agent, which can be used to inhibit bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the ribosome. The antibacterial activity of a variety of gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria is strong. The bacilli of hemolytic pasteulobacter, bacilli bacilli and pneumohyphene pneumoniae were highly sensitive to fluphenylol. In vitro fluorobenzene nicol, for many the antimicrobial activity of microorganism and thiamphenicol similar or better, some by acetylation of amide alcohols drug-resistant bacteria such as e. coli, klebsiella pneumonia bacillus may still sensitive to fluorine benzene ni test.
It is mainly used for sensitive bacteria caused by bacterial disease of pigs, chicken, fish, such as hemolytic pasteurella, kill pasteurella and swine pleuropneumonia actinobacillus cattle, pigs, respiratory system disease. Salmonella typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever, chicken cholera, diarrhea, e. coli, etc. Fish bacillus, vibrio, staphylococcus aureus, hydrocytopenia, gastroenteritis and other causes of bacterial sepsis, enteritis, red skin disease, etc.
The drug was absorbed rapidly, and the treatment concentration was reached in the blood about 1 hour later, and the concentration of plasma drug was reached within 1 ~ 3 hours. Bioavailability is more than 80%. Flurbeni is widely distributed in animals and can be seen through the blood-brain barrier. The primary form is excreted from the urine, with a small amount of excretion.
[drug interactions] (1) the same targets of the large cyclolides and linchlamines are the same as those of this product, both of which are combined with the bacterial ribosome of the 50S, which can produce antagonistic effects when combined. (2) it may antagonize the bactericidal activity of penicillin or aminoglycoside drugs, but it has not been demonstrated in animals.
[role and purpose] amides. Used for the infection of bacilli and e. coli.
[usage and dosage] intramuscular injection: at one time, every 1kg weight, chicken 0.1 ml, pig 0.075 ~ 0.1ml, and twice every 48 hours. Fish 0.0025 ~ 0.005 ml, 1 times a day.
[adverse reactions] (1) there is a certain immunosuppressive effect when this product is above the recommended dosage. (2) it has the toxicity of embryo, pregnancy and lactation.
(1) egg-laying date is prohibited. (2) animals with severe defects in vaccination or immune function are disabled. (3) the kidney function does not have all the animals need to reduce or extend the time interval.
[take the medicine period] pig 14, chicken 28 day, fish 375 live.
[specification] 10ml:2g
Packaging: 10ml x 10 branches
Storage: sealed.
[implementation standard] Chinese veterinary medicine book 2015 edition
[license number] (2017) veterinary drug production license number 14009
[GMP] (2017) veterinary drug GMP certificate 14006

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